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HUD head of automotive technology show: I only have eyes for you do not have it

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Once upon a time, head-up display HUD (HeadUpDisplay) is no longer the fighter patent, HUD was also configured as a high-tech luxury cars, and now HUD has gradually to the civilian population, not only in this configuration Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and other luxury car is very common, part of senior and mid-size car is also loaded with HUD. This feature allows users without having to bow to be able to see the data. A large number of digital color, and even graphic information is projected onto the windshield, people feel very cool, indeed is a very high-tech to attract the eye, on the other hand, HUD is a lot but nothing big population configuration purposes. Today we will go to a grilled steak HUD bar.

What is a head-up display (HUD)?

English head-up display is the Head Up Display, hereinafter referred to as HUD, also called the parallel display system. Its role is to speed, navigation and other important driving information is projected onto the windshield in front of the driver, so the driver does not bow as far as possible, not turned around and you can see the speed, navigation and other important driving information .

Advantages of HUD

HUD display position information than conventional instrument cluster location. That is, when the driver wants to view vehicle information, through HUD simply bowed his head 5-10 °; and then look at the instrument cluster, you need a low 20-25 °. Check the driver driving information from the instrument cluster, the eyes shift from the road to the combination meter and then transferred to the road, due to the high road and the low luminance combination meter (car) brightness, the eyes will go through from light to dark and then bright process, pupil of the eye will adjust; while gathering point will be near the eye from far away and then to. The driver's HUD when viewed from the eyes so you do not need to toss. Therefore, the driver using the HUD, you can reduce the time to shift our attention, shift our attention to bring the pupil of the eye changes, changes in the eyes gathering point, the end result is that the driver's line of sight and less attention off the road to improve traffic safety.

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