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Automotive HUD tall on the intelligent machine implementations do not fly first we start with a small science what is meant by HUD

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First, let's start with a small science about what HUD. HUD stands for Head Up Display, Chinese name for the HUD. Popular to say that some important information projected on the front of the sight glass, not block line of sight at the same time do not have to bow to the driver concerned dashboard. The technology first appeared on the fighter, was gradually transformed into the civilian level. Of course, now the cars in the car even if the original configuration of the HUD display technology is basically in more than 30W in a limousine to appear.

     With the modified car market continues to grow, we will be able to casually search Jingdong see a lot of HUD products, the price of these products span from a few hundred to thousands of mobile phones to play these functional effects can be achieved almost a professional equipment? Everyday driving there is no need to spend money to buy HUD device, after reading articles in your heart there will be answers. Well, get first look at how much of the screen as a HUD for mobile phone use.

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