Vehicular HUD is light mechanical and electrical integration of electronic products, vehicles, mobile equipment information is projected onto a vehicle windshield, help the driver in traffic on the way to view the information attention remains on the road ahead, to effectively improve the driving safety.

Introduction the matching models, can be aimed at different models to match the corresponding parameters can be correctly displayed
2.have USB serial port function, easy to upgrade the product software
3.Precise large screen speed display, easy to read
4.Speeding warning: four section of the warning, you can set the value of 4, when the vehicle speed will be more than DD.
5.Maximum speed display record: can be recorded in this section of the driving speed of the highest speed
6.Automatic adjustment of brightness: projection brightness changes with the ambient light source, the lowest brightness can be adjusted in the evening 4, traffic is not dazzling。
7.Can be displayed, users do not need to use the HUD function can be positive, can also read the current speed

Main technical index

1.Alarm sound level>=30dB(A)
2.The main electronic components used are in accordance with the ROSH standard 
3.Operating voltage: 9V~16Vdc(12Vdc/70mA)

Engaged in R & D, windshield type HUD and automobile intelligent equipment professional production and sales

Jangsu New Vision Automotive Electrical Co.,LTD is located in Yangzhou Automobile Industrial Park, mainly engaged in windshield HUD and intelligent vehicle equipment R & D, production and sales, with a number of automotive electronics industry veteran, having the leading enjoy allowance of the State Council optical experts and domestic earliest engaged in car bus and ECU development team.
2013 developed successfully in China the first car windshield HUD optical path system, and complete the related electronics, can bus and software design < br > 2014 launch domestic first has a completely independent intellectual property rights of windshield HUD prototype, and cooperating with Shanghai Volkswagen, in the engineering vehicle complete functional verification < br / > May 2015 Jiangsu Ze Jing automotive electronics Limited by Share Ltd was established


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      located in Yangzhou Automobile Industrial Park, is mainly engaged in the development and automotive windshield formula HUD intelligent equipment development, production and sales, with a number of automotive electronics industry veteran; has the leading State Council allowance experts and optics the...Details>>

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The company is mainly engaged in automotive windshield type HUD and intelligent equipment research and development, production and sales



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In 2013 the successful development of the first domestic car windshield type HUD optical system, and complete the relevant electronic